Snorkeling in Bali

Snorkeling in Bali is an unforgettable experience for non-divers. Discover the breathtaking underwater world in Bali from a very new perspective. Start your snorkeling adventure with us! Contact us and appoint your snorkeling excursion to the most beautiful snorkeling sites in Bali.

For snorkeling we can offer you the Blue Lagoon with a white beach. A great experience is also the Liberty wreck in Tulamben at a black beach. In Nusa Penida, at the famous Manta Point in Bali, a special adventure awaits you: the large, majestic Manta Rays can be observed while snorkeling!

Our offers for snorkelers and non-divers

Snorkel trips and snorkel excursions:
starting at 33,- Euro per person

Divers and accompanying snorkelers can also go snorkeling, depending on the snorkeling site for 15,- to 25,- Euro.


Our snorkel trips and snorkel excursions

  • snorkel equipment,
  • costs for boat transfer and
  • local fees

are included in the price.

Prices for transfers:

Snorkelers can accompany all dive sessions starting at 11,- Euro per person. Most dive sites offer very good possibilities for snorkeling. Just ask us!

Non-divers can go with all dive sessions starting at 11,- Euro per person, too.


Snorkeling is swimming and diving without breathing equipment; SCUBA Diving means diving with breathing apparatus. Your next step will be a trial dive with our Discover Scuba Diving in Bali.